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Darrin from Australia


Our creative Director formally of The Hairdressers Fame, Australian stylist Darrin arrived in HK in 1989 working in HK’s most elite salons and has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Darrin’s style and approach to hair is a mix of technical and freehand techniques and he was once branded HK’s best colorist for Blondes by Elle magazine UK. Darrin is a strong all round stylist and exceeds in cutting, coloring and freehand styling with a very practical, honest and direct approach.

Darrin has recently been awarded a distinction Master Barbers level diploma from the famous London School of Barbering. A true Master of his craft.

Darrin splits his time alternating weeks between Hong Kong and Shanghai so don't miss the opportunity to be styled by a truely international stylist.

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