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Chris from Hong Kong

Chris hold the utmost outgoing and enthusiastic persona. While studying in the UK, Chris realised that life is full of art and was influenced by lifestyles and fashions of different cultures.  He is intrigued by all people and their sense of style especially hairstyles which fascinates him.

“I like music, fashion, makeup and art from the 60s. 60s is a product molded after years of conservative concepts. People’s attitudes toward life have changed and their minds are more open. The uses of bold colours and patterns represent that time. ‘Mix and Match’ has also begun.” 

Chris has 20 years of experience in the hairdressing industry. His horizon and thinking have been broadened during his stay in the US ,UK and Shanghai (China). He has learned a lot on hair aesthetic during those days. Chris believes that all arts, including hair styling, are tools for conveying messages.

Creating beautiful hairstyle to match individual personality and inject more confidence into the customer is his motivation and challenge. Meticulous in his approach, Chris finds out the unique beauty, the strengths and weaknesses in the customer’s hair and face and then skillfully design and create the perfect hairstyle for the customer by using the most appropriate and advanced perm, dye, and trimming techniques.

Chris celebrates the use of vibrant colours. However he understands the importance of “suitability of colours” to a customer and that it must the carefully chosen and executed so that it gels into the working and daily life of the customer. 

Chris is often involved in hair styling in magazine, commercial, TV show, Red Carpet Event and Fashion Show.

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